Sound for Radio

Radio Bob got his name (obviously) from creating and producing zillions of fabulous radio spots while he was at DDB Chicago. The skills and resources he developed during those ear-busting years have kept him busy ever since as he’s been able to offer the same level of radio expertise to clients and agencies on a project-by-project basis.


Sound for TV

TV is radio with pictures. You take care of the pretty pictures, and we’ll supply you with audio tracks that will make them stunning. We’ve been helping clients with VO casting, audio production, sound design, editing and mixing for their TV projects. Think of us as your audio production house – ready & able to take care of all your soundly needs.


Sound for Web

The web is virtually an infinite place but it still needs quality sound. So we’ve been working more and more with clients on their audio for websites, pre-roll spots and longer-format web videos. VO, music, sound design it’s still all relevant to overall quality of the message. That’s why we included some snazzy sound on our homepage, too!

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Sound for Music

Whether it’s that just-right track of library music or a tasty piece of original music, we know where to find it. We’ll search extensively for that perfect needle-drop track for your project. Radio Bob also has relationships with some of the top music houses around the country so that original score you’re looking for will score big with your client.