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Celebrity Voice

When you have the budget for that big celebrity VO, Radio Bob can help you find it. We’ll set up auditions, help negotiate the contracts, deal with the agents and schedule the recording sessions. We’ve worked with dozens of movie stars, sport celebrities, music and entertainment icons and local big shots. We know where they live.



Voice Casting

Casting the right voice makes all the difference. That’s why we work with talent agents from all over the country to find and audition great voices. Union, non-union, Spanish, children, you name it and we’ll deliver the perfect VO. We can also handle union contracts, signatory services and payments to payroll. So you can focus on where we order lunch from.



En Español,

It’s a multi-lingual world with multi-lingual messaging. Thus, we’ll help you cast and audition Spanish VO talent from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Miami – or even Mexico when we can! Radio Bob also works with talented Spanish-speaking engineers and producers, so you can be assured the level or production will be perfect.